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Another turnaround day

Up at midnight. Had a snack.
Connection to offic email broke down. Not much to do about that.
Played a couple of songs, maybe three. Not really in the mood. Something is missing.
Watched a couple of recorded Jay Leno shows. Tried to laugh. Maybe a couple of jokes. Maybe more. Not sure. Not I. The mood for that either.
Up till 4am. Forced nap till 5:25.
Up for a shower, dressed up. Test drove the rav4. It's okay I guess. A/C works well. I guess.
Terminal 1. Can't find my flight. Guess what? Emirates is operating an Oman Air flight. It's in terminal 3!!
Head to the metro station. Not enough credit on my nol card. Ticketing office not operative on that side of the tracks. Nice attendant offers to recharge the card from the other side.
Finally, in the right terminal.
Can't log the flight to my skywards. Why? because it's an Oman Air ticket. What a farse.
Landed in Oman. At the hospital.
Not much...... Just work. Meetings. Discussions with the customer. So far so good.
Walked out at 4:45pm. What a lucky guy. Taxi just dropped a passenger. Ride to the airport.
Finally on board. Boring flight.
Landed on time. Nice walk through the terminal back to the car park.
Iftar already gone. Had some water.
Dropped off the rav. Taxi back home.
Daughter ready to go out. Drive to the mall.
Peaceful Iftar at 9:30. Thai food. Tasteless. Perhaps it's me.
Watching people watch the dancing fountain. Twice so far.
Serene. Lonely. This is turning out to be another boring day.
I wonder what it would be like, a fly on the wall. A dangerous life. Sure I'd be swatted or sprayed to death.
What surprises me is that I don't feel bad. Actually, I don't feel anything. Numb. Dumb.
Oh how I hate that banana berry smoothie. Tastes like candy dissolved in water. Yeck.
Need to wash it down. I know, a coffee.
With that, the day is coming to an end.
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