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I Don't wanna go down - please don't push me away

I've got nothing to say today.
Another day wasted.
Nothing accomplished.
Well, that's not really true.
I must have done something.
It's so blinding.
I'm so lonely.
I can't seem to enjoy anything.
So empty inside.
I need to snap out of this spiral.
I need you, but I can't have you.
I want you, instead I pushed you away.
You gave me a glimpse of hope.
You gave me a cause and a reason,
To appreciate life, many moments of joy
You showed up suddenly in my void world
Last night I saw you, your smile so comforting
We exchanged papers, not so many words
You looked so beautiful, yet shaken,
You ran away, pushing me out of your world
I wanna reach out for you, put you've coiled up in your shell
I just wanna bask in your warm sunshine
Hold you in my arms, protect us both, me more than you
I really need you, so much I wanna say
I'm sure I love you, feeling so strong it scares me
When we were so close you opened up your heart
Shared moments of weakness, I wanted to reach out and touch you
But you are so beautiful, so popular, so way out of my league
I couldn't believe you would allow me to get that close
We both had traumatic breakups, I was so selfish, so dumb
I misread every cue, let them slip away out of reach
I simply screwed up. Oh what a I would give to turn back the hands of time
So many things I did, I would not do
So many words, I know I shouldn't have said
Only three words, no, four, I truly love you
I was so jealous of your other friends
I wanted to spend every moment I could with you
You need your space, you need to recover
You need to enjoy your long lost freedom
I am truly sorry, I pushed you away from me
I know, but hope I'm wrong
You've closed the door, you've turned away
I don't believe in second chances
But I pray and hope for one more try
I will be waiting, hoping, longing, patiently
Determined not to mess it up,
I'm so lost without you, I don't wanna lose you
I only wanna hold you, I really need you by me
You gave me cause and reason
Please don't leave me drowning
I don't wanna go down, please don't push me away.
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