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It's Official: A Mature Father of a nineteen year old young lady

It was 18 years ago that would play with my sweet Mariam, hoist her up in the palm of one hand, her eyes sparkling with the wonder of floating, hovering like a bird. Yesterday midnight, she walked through the arrivals gate terminal 3 Dubai airport, a graceful young lady, daddy's little girl atolls through the humid night.

I hand her the keys to my land cruiser and her eyes pop out! Yes, you can drive, can't you?

She's nervous as hell. She'd only been driving for three months in the chaotic lawless streets of Cairo, driving a small sedan. Now, she has to negotiate the speeding and disciplined roads of Dubai.

I must say, she did impress me. It was a long ride, from the airport to JVT through al Khail road. Mostly, she did well. Though I do hope she will remember traffic lights are there for a reason, and so are lanes. Speed breakers are there for that exactly. Road signs, though sometimes confusing, have come a long way in the past years. And they are there for a reason.
Most important fact: other drivers cannot read your mind (some don't even know how to interpret your signals) hence forget you are a woman and signal your intentions well ahead.
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